Reducing the practice of Female Genital Mutilation(FGM)


The main objective of the project is to reduce the practice of FGM in the targeted areas through applying massive, integrated and inclusive community mobilization project. The target is all groups in population but specific targeting applies to mothers, Traditional Birth Attendants (who are also FGM practitioners) and the youth. This is because of the findings we have from past research conducted as mothers need more priority in awareness creation that other community groups in relative terms.


Female Genital Mutilation, which is a severe form of violence against girls, appears to be a main determinant of both neonatal and maternal mortality in Afar region. FGM is carried out by traditional birth attendants with unsterilized instruments in an unhygienic setting. Among Afar women age 15-49 with at least one living daughter,85.1% have at least one circumcised daughter. 74.1% of most recently circumcised daughters have experienced the most severe form of FGM, which is infibulation.


This project will decrease practice of FGM among baby girls through capacitating key government offices (Women’s, Children and Youth Affaires Office, Justice, police, education, health) and regional anti-FGM network & FGM responses to be coordinated effectively. It will also enhance the capacity of in school youths (future generation to be free from FGM plus creating educating and resisting ambassadors to their own), Traditional Birth Attendants, clan and religious leaders to tackle FG.

Long-Term Impact

Contribute to the realization of institutional and behavioral change to reduce FGM and its incidences in the region of Afar and in Ethiopia