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Afar is one of the least developed regions with the highest health and nutrition gaps. To avert

the situation, since its establishment, AISDA has been implementing successful projects both in

the areas of health and nutrition.

Health: AISDA’s health interventions include support to local health offices in vaccination,

health education and promotion, support in institutional capacity building in material and child

health provisions; health staff training, sanitation and hygiene promotion, eradication of FGM

and GBV. AISDA’s international award in 2012 was because of its achievement in the health

sector. Link: Currently we have also COVID 19 response


Nutrition: AISDA is one of the first national NGOs to have received a direct funding from the

USAID in 2014. The innovative project was on Linking Agriculture with Nutrition with a focus of

introducing and promoting plants and fruits with high nutrition in Afar lowland where there is

severe malnutrition. The project was concluded with excellent achievements where

beneficiaries adopted the new strategy for narrowing the gap in food insecurity and nutrition

among young children and women especially. Evaluation report of the project will be attached

with this application document. We have the right professional and experts in both sectors.