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AISDA has been working hand in glove with the regional emergency response as well as response planning coordination team comprised of governmental and non-governmental organization working in humanitarian response and recovery in the Afar regional state. 

AISDA is member of different national and international forums and networks, such as, the Global Network of Civil Society Organization for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) , the African Climate Reality Project, Afar emergency response task force forum, The Afar Region Go-NGO Forum, national WASH cluster, and Afar anti-FGM forum and has been actively attending meeting organized by these forums. AISDA is also a member of the federal WASH cluster and Ethiopian Pastoralists Forum. AISDA has been actively involving in most of the meetings facilitated by these clusters and shares its plan, ideas and accomplishment reports.

AISDA uses these opportunities for disseminating program knowledge and external learning processes and ensures its coordination