Afar is the driest region in Ethiopia with higher average temperature, low rainfall and water

scarcity both for drinking and agriculture purposes. Climate change induced poverty is highly

intensified among the pastoralist communities leading them to struggle for survival. AISDA has

been building the resilience capacity of poor and vulnerable communities for the past decade.

Our primary objective has been to reduce their exposure and vulnerability to climate-related

extreme events and disasters through direct involvement in humanitarian response, support

affected communities in implementing recovery projects immediately after humanitarian

responses; and through linking long-term development programs with emergency response

projects. To build the resilience capacities of communities, AISDA is also highly engaged in:

    – Implementing climate change adaptation activities

      – Promoting and supporting climate adaptive villages

      – Scale up proven renewable energy technologies such as solar pumps for water supply as

         promotion of innovation

      – Local capacity building programs for government and traditional institutions on DRR and

         climate change adaptation

       – Implementing rain water harvesting structures

As an organization having proven experience both in the development and humanitarian sector

AISDA has well trained and experienced staff both in the core and project offices.

We have the right people in the sector.