Action for Integrated Sustainable Development Association (AISDA)


We at AISDA believe in the following values and associated behaviors, which we stand for, drive and direct us in our decisions, actions and relationship on a daily basis. We believe in Participation, Equal opportunity, Transparency and accountability Integrity Environmental friendly, sustainable and replicable projects & programs
Collaboration and networking


African Prestige Award winner for the 2023/24 on Poverty Support NPO

AISDA is honored as one of the African Prestige Award winners for the 2023/24 on Poverty Support NPO category by Corporate Live Wire and Fence Media Group, a  UK-based global media company.

Stars Foundation Winner 2012

AISDA has been successful in attaining the projects’ goals it implemented. The organization has been the 2012 International Health Impact Award Winner among NGOs working in Africa Asia and The Middle East.

Afar Regional Government Award 2014

The organization has also been one of the four best NGOs working in Afar region and has been awarded a Medallion by the Afar Regional State government during the 2014 Pastoralist day.

ES/NFI Support

ES/NFI support Conflict induced Internally displaced people (IDPs). Supported by IOM-EHF/RRF. (Megalle, Gulina, Telalak, Dawe districts of Afar region)

ESNFI Support for conflict affected IDPs Supported by IRC-ECHO. (Yallo, Gulina, Awra, Ewa, Chifra, Adar, Afdera and Kori districts of Afar Region)

ES/NFI support Conflict induced Internally displaced people (IDPs). Supported by Germen Agro Action  Welthungerhilfe. (Erebti, Abala, Semurobi, Hadelela districts of Afar region and Tewheledere district of South Wollo Amhara region)


Emergency intervention to COVID 19 to support quarantine centers at Elidar woreda, Afarregional state,Ethiopia. Supported by Germen Agro Action  Welthungerhilfe

COVID-19 Response project at zone 5 of Afar Region- Supported by Ethiopian Eritrean Students Association -EESA University of Maryland, USA

Emergency Intervention to COVID-19 in Afdera, Mille and Gulina Districts of Afar Regional state, Ethiopia (ERM 7 -Emergency Response Mechanism 7)Supported by IRC-(ECO)

Reducing the practice of Female Genital Mutilation

The main objective of the project is to reduce the practice of FGM in the targeted areas through applying massive, integrated and inclusive community mobilization project. The target is all groups in population but specific targeting applies to mothers, Traditional Birth Attendants (who are also FGM practitioners) and the youth. This is because of the findings we have from past research conducted as mothers need more priority in awareness creation that other community groups in relative terms. READ MORE

interventions of AISDA

The program interventions of AISDA are enhancing sustainable development, conservation of natural resources, livestock development and development of grazing lands, income generation, capacity building, water development, formal and non-formal education, human health (giving special attention to the promotion of maternal and child health), preventing HIV/AIDS, Harmful Traditional Practices, animal health, emergency relief and disaster preparedness and response


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